makeup artist


My name is Irina Bitus.

my philosophy

As a professional my mission is to improve, show beauty and give freedom of expression.

I am deeply convinced that each of my Clients is beautiful in her uniqueness and originality.

My task as a professional is to competently place accents, strengthen and give the opportunity to reveal the full potential of appearance. Extensive experience in the BEAUTY industry gives me the opportunity to find an approach, to show flexibility in interaction, to offer the possibility of options to each of my Clients. We will find exactly your make-up, taking into account the latest trends, which will be as comfortable and harmonious as possible for your appearance, will show and emphasize your individuality, and will make you feel great!

My goal is to create a personalized beauty service, empower women and instill confidence in them. I develop a unique look with each client based on our vision of beauty.

I think that adequacy is a very important professional skill so I share the different make-up technique for "real life" and make-up for photo shoots or art projects ets.

For clients I offer make-up that can be called intellectual. This is when the makeup matches the individuality of the face and does not look like a separate art object) on it. This is when the best compliment is given to you but not to your makeup. Well-groomed, radiant, healthy skin is the most important ingredient for a good makeup.

I teach how to understand the logic in makeup, how to choose the right makeup products and shades for yourself, how to buy competently and carefully instead of stuffing your beauty purse with a dozen useless products.

I also love makeup for the magic of transformation, the power of which can be applied in art projects and on set.

I love working with color, playing with textures and meanings.

my way

My journey as a makeup artist began in 2007 in Minsk, Belarus.

From an early age, I have been inspired and fascinated by the idea of makeup and its magical effects that transform and enhance your appearance.

From 2006 to 2007, I took three basic professional makeup courses, as well as an elective two-year program at the arts and crafts studio at my university.

After graduating from university (Department of Psychology) I started my career as a freelance makeup artist Lol doesn't sound very logical but it was the right and honest decision.

In 2009, I completed an advanced make-up program including art face, photography, retrospective and TV.

All that time I had been actively working with my private clients, creating images for them for photo shoots, weddings and various events, while constantly improving my professional skills by taking professional master classes and seminars.

Collaboration with magazines, photographers, modeling agencies, many private and commercial photo shoots.

In 2011, I started a new direction in my career as a makeup trainer while also actively practicing as a freelance makeup artist.

I led my own program and taught make-up in two directions:

  • Self Makeup
  • Basic professional makeup

I am proud of my former students, many of whom have become amazing makeup artists in demand in the profession.

Then, in 2019, my career and life changed when I moved to Montreal.